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High / Low Pressure House Washing Service


Hey thx to the PWGs. Don did a great job. Much appreciated. Fast/efficient no mess no fuss. Thx to Brett for scheduling on short notice. Fair prices as well. Saved me a ton in headache/time.

J M.

Brett and the team called to show up a little early and then got the job done efficiently and professionally. They also went a little over time but didn't charge for it. The house clean got 80% of the stains off a 1930s stucco house. Much better than a paint job at 10x the price. Definitely the right decision to do the house wash and to get the Pressure Washing Guys to do it. Great experience.

Eddie K.

Recently had a service for a customer of ours and reached out to Brett.  He was extremely professional and was able to coordinate w/ the schedule we needed to complete the job.  Customer was happy... as am I.  Great company... Great service!  Would recommend to anyone!

Tracy B.

Sought a local pressure washer to clean grime off a beach house deck and stairs in a rental unit.  It's right under the flight path so also collects all the jet exhaust, and the nightly dew bakes on every day in the hot beach sun.  And being a rental unit it's not particularly well cared for.

That being the case I worked with Brett who was very responsive in scheduling, then showed up early, and proceeded to clean the place very well, using judgment about how high to turn up the pressure to clean it well but not damage the material (epoxy coated wood).  He communicated throughout the job and didn't stop until I was totally satisfied.
Definitely recommend.

Brad C.

Did a great job on our driveway. The driveway is almost 30 years old and the prior owners did not maintain it. It was hard to tell what was 30 years of dirt, grime, oil build-up and just "weird" shadows, and what was etched-in concrete chemical staining. They blasted off everything that could possibly be removed and made the driveway look much better as well as giving us a true picture of its 30 year-old condition. Now we can make a more informed decision about whether to proceed with bead blasting, acid cleaning or just refinishing/replacing the driveway surface itself.

George L.

They did an excellent job at pressure washing our entire house and driveway, even removing rust stains. Very courteous and professional to work with and was easy to schedule appointment and arrived as promised. We will definitely use them again.

Michelle a.

What a find.
The price was right and the call back time was amazing.  I left a message on Sunday and got a return call that day.
I am so pleased with the work a real find.
I will use them once a year to keep my walks clean and bright.
I wasn't expecting such a thorough and attention to detail job.
What a find.

Donna T.

Brett and his crew were fantastic! They cleaned up rust, moss stains among years of grease and other stains on my concrete, fire pit and courtyard. They were super professional and got every stain out, we could not be more thrilled. It's worth every dime, I'd call them again in a heartbeat!!

Max D.

I used these guys twice now and other people in past. Look no further! they know what they are doing. on time, good attitude, very fair price. They can't do miracles but they try their best when it comes to removing those difficult oil stains on driveway!

Ray M.

Professional. Responsive. Fair and Reasonable. I had a nasty oil stain from a leaking car on the street in front of my house. Made the call, made the Deal and they made a Difference. Thanks for doing a good job for me. Highly recommended.

Billy M.

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